Special Needs in Scoala Nicolae Iorga - Presentations

Material realizat de prof. Danila Nicoleta:

Material realizat de prof. inv. special, Galoiu Ecaterina:



 1. "Reciclare pentru martisoare" - parteneriat cu Asociatia I.A.T.A (Implicarea Activă a Tinerilor şi Adulților), ONG non-profit ce vizeaza implicarea tinerilor si adultilor provenind din medii dezavantajate in viata comunitatii


Flux Cipru

Creativity and interculturality

LARNACA, CIPRU, 8-12 Octombrie 2021

Descriere curs:


- Danila Nicoleta, prof. lb. engleza

- Apopei Elena, prof. inv. primar

- Sbirciog Carmen Cerasela, prof. inv. primar

Start curs



Ice-Breakers, Energizers & Team-Building Games to improve Creativity and Interculturality

Name-gesture (Nume-gest)

The Snowball (on the beach :) (Bulgarele de zapada)

The Mirror (Oglinda)



Hypnosis (Hipnoza)



The fox and the birdhouse (Vulpea si colivia)

The car and the driver (Masina si soferul)

Expectations for the course


Contributions to the course

Mission (im)possible

1. Create two different ways to demonstrate that you know each other’s names. Perform this in front of the trainer
2. Share a greeting in every language known from the group, and learn a local greeting
3. Organize yourselves in a line according to your birthdays, according to months in the year, starting January 1st on the one end and December 31st on the other end (only day and month). Do it in front of the trainer
4. Create an artistic welcome sign for Erasmus KA1 experience
5. The entire group find the song of the group (create one or choose your favorite)
6. Take a funny group picture
7. Make a list of 10 reasons why this experience in CYPRUS is better than in another country
8. Make a weather forecast for the next 3 days in pantomime (no sound). Perform it in front of the trainer
9. What is the total ‘’age ‘’ of the group?
10. Make a list with top 5 Cyprus drinks 
11. Please sum up how many kilometers and how many hours were needed for all the group to reach the Training
12. Find out from a local about Cyprus education system.

This message will not turn into dust in five seconds, but you have only 60 minutes to accomplish these tasks. Can you do it?

Formal - Informal - Non-formal

School Conflict Management (Managementul conflictelor in spatiul scolar)


Initiere proiecte Erasmus+ viitoare

Seara interculturala



Outdoor Games, Camel Park




Choirokoitia, Kourion, Pafos - situri arheologice, vizita culturala de studiu


Certificate awarding


1. PRACTICI ȘCOLARE CARE SPRIJINĂ INTEGRAREA ȘI INCLUZIUNEA ȘCOLARĂ Ghid de bune practici incluzive   Ghidul poate fi descarcat de aici:  ht...